Why is Cricut Design Space So Slow?

As a Cricut user, you understand the importance of Design Space for crafting and editing your projects. But unfortunately, its sluggish performance has left many users feeling discouraged - especially when they're in a hurry to finish up their work.

So why is the program moving so slowly? Is there anything that can be done about it?

Potential Causes of Slow Performance

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One potential cause of slow performance in Cricut Design Space is large file sizes. If your design includes countless layers or is complex in nature, it takes Design Space more time to process and present on the screen. Additionally, if you are running multiple programs at once on your computer, this can also cause a drop-off in performance by Design Space.

Another potential source of decreased performance could be issues with your internet connection. If you're dealing with a sluggish or inconsistent network, Design Space may take more time to load and process your designs than usual.

Lastly, hardware constraints may also cause Design Space to operate at a slow speed. If you possess an aged computer with minimal memory and computing capacity, then it likely won't be able to keep up with the requirements of this software program.

Steps to Troubleshoot and Improve Performance

So, what can you do to troubleshoot and improve the performance of Cricut Design Space? Here are a few steps you can try:

  • Close unnecessary programs: To guarantee a smooth operation of your computer and Design Space, close any programs that aren't currently in use. This can help to release resources for multiple running applications at once.
  • Check your internet connection: If you're noticing subpar performance, it's essential to examine your internet connection and make sure that the speed is up to standard.
  • Clear cache and cookies: As time passes, your browser can become clogged with transitory files and data which will impede its speed. To help Design Space run faster, try clearing out the cache and cookies regularly.
  • Update your graphics driver: To deliver the best user experience in Design Space, upgrade your graphics driver to its most recent version. Outdated drivers can cause difficulties and hinder performance.
  • Allocate more memory to Cricut Design Space: If you have the capacity, consider allocating more of your computer's memory to Design Space in order to amplify its performance.
  • Use a faster computer: If your current computer is outdated or has inadequate hardware components, it might struggle to keep up with Design Space. To get the most out of this software and its features, consider replacing your machine with something more powerful and faster.


Ultimately, Cricut Design Space might operate sluggishly due to several aspects including large file sizes, overlapping applications, internet connection problems, and hardware restrictions. To optimize the effectiveness of this software program, try out some troubleshooting tactics as mentioned in this blog

To ensure its users experience the best performance, Cricut is tirelessly working on addressing current issues and refining their software.

If you continue to encounter slow speeds after applying these tips, it may be beneficial for you to contact Cricut customer support for extra help.