Spellbinders Platinum Review

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The Spellbinders Platinum is a die-cutting and embossing machine capable of cutting through various materials, including paper, cardstock, and foam. It is suitable for small and large projects and is a great tool for crafters, artists, and DIY enthusiasts.

Ask any die cutting junkie and they’ll tell you that manual die cutting is the best way to prepare crafts. Not only are manual die cutters cheaper than electronic ones but they’re also lighter and sturdier.

That’s why a few heads turn at the mention of the Spellbinders Platinum. But what exactly is in store for you when you opt for this cutter? What’s so “platinum” about it?

Spellbinders Platinum Product Overview

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This is a manual die cutting machine that’s renowned for being sturdily built. Indeed, it boasts a solid cast design which not only makes it handy but also provides it with the stability needed to put up with daily demands.

The cute looking die cutter provides you with an 8.5-inch cutting space which is pretty decent and adequate for most domestic tasks. And thanks to its unique design, it can comfortably take on over 40 different materials among them:

  • Paper
  • Cotton
  • Balsa wood
  • Chipboard
  • Craft metal
  • Leather

And to top it all up, this platinum die cutter packs 16 contour dies. These are meant to give you the flexibility you need to make intricate cuts and achieve different cutting patterns.

What to Expect

This machine boasts solid inner workings which make it easily possible to achieve the right kind of pressure even when embossing and scoring. We’re absolutely convinced that the cutter would last long if its general design and feel are anything to go by. Its cutting pressure is also quite remarkable.

Another thing we like about this unit is that it’s quite functional. For instance, it has a user-friendly crank handle and its sides can be folded up (more on that later). On top of that, it provides you with a generous and stable working platform and has a well-thought-out carrying handle provided.

Key Features of This Manual Die Cutter

1. Solid Steel Core Construction

The Spellbinders cutter is made from full-hardened steel which comes in handy in providing extra cutting strength and longevity. As you know, steel is one of the toughest metals in the world.

And, therefore, the fact that this machine comes with such a tough core means that you can count on it to last you for a long time. Best of all, you can put the cutter to intensive use since it’s pretty hardy. In a nutshell, this is a well-built machine that you can bank on, any day.

2. Contour Steel Rule Dies

One thing you always need to keep in mind is that there are quite a few different kinds of die cutting processes nowadays. Each one of these serves a different purpose and can be used for different kinds of applications.

The steel rule line up of dies is particularly known for its ability to tame all sorts of materials ranging from rubber, cardboard, paper, to foam. Yet another advantage of this die is that it can easily be centered.

All thanks to its unique qualities, the steel rule die is best recommended for cutting exotic materials. We’d also like to comment that this type of die cutting is reputed for being an economically efficient method of achieving unique designs on soft sheet materials.

3. 8.5-Inch Cutting Platform

This Spellbinders die cutter comes with a generous 8.5-inch cutting platform that enables you to die-cut to your satisfaction. You can even die cut multiple, small dies at once and that’s only because this is a well-thought-out multipurpose cutting platform.

Of course, this is a major win for the busy folks especially since this unit is also portable and built to accommodate different die varieties. And to top it all up, the entire platform is highly user-friendly.

4. Easy-Turn Ergonomic Handle

The Spellbinders Platinum may not come with any fancy features or buttons but it’s still quite functional. For instance, it comes with a well-thought-out, ergonomic handle. This hand crank handle connects directly to a set of roller bearings.

The entire setup presents you with a complete, easy-to-turn manual handle that you can use to nail any die cutting project with just a few turns.

5. Compact Design

Sometimes, you need to carry the machine with you so you can work remotely e.g. when you’re on vacation. Likewise, you may need to take it with you to die cutting parties. And for that reason, size is a major factor to think about when choosing a cutter.

Fortunately, the Spellbinders Platinum is not only compact in design but also comes with foldable sides for compact storage. So, if you’re looking for a space-saving die cutter, this one would be a good choice to ponder on.


  • Can cut 8 layers at a time: If used with the steel rule dies, it can cut 8 layers of one material at a time. This can save you the trouble of handling repetitive tasks.
  • Can cut over 40 different materials: In a nutshell, it’s a highly versatile machine that you can bank on, any day.
  • Affordably priced: We think this program presents you with the best value for money especially if your budget is under $200. So, if shopping on a tight budget, this manual die cutter would help you make the most of your cash.
  • Well-built: It’s steel-made and this provides it with the power to take anything you throw at it without bulging. You can treat it like dirt and it’ll still get the job done.
  • Compact design: Although it’s a bit heavier and bigger than your average cutter, owing to its steel design, its sides are meant to fold up. This can help you save some space.
  • Warranty: This machine is protected by a 1-year warranty meaning that the company is quite confident with the kind of quality it has to offer.


  • It’s bigger and heavier than your average cutter because it’s steel-made
  • Limited to an 8.5-inch wide cutting area
  • You need to be careful not to jam its plates
  • At the end of the day, it’s a manual die cutter, tiring to use for a whole day


Looking for a simple, manual die cutting and embossing machine? We have a dozen reasons to believe that the Spellbinders Platinum will give you all that and then some. The machine is quite practical, versatile, affordably priced, and above all solidly built.