How To Use Cricut Pens To Draw & Write

Cricut pens are an invaluable accessory for your Cricut machine that brings a whole new realm of artistry and customization to any project. Use them to add hand-written or drawn touches on cards, invitations, and signs - the possibilities are endless!

In this blog post, we'll outline all of your pen options and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Plus, you'll find inspiring project ideas and helpful troubleshooting tips so that you can make the most out of your Cricut experience.

Whether you're a novice or experienced with Cricut, keep reading to find out how utilizing Cricut pens can enhance your projects and take them to the next level.

Types of Cricut Pens

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Cricut offers a wide range of pens to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular options include:

  • Cricut Classic Ink pens: These pens have a medium tip and come in a variety of colors, perfect for adding hand-written text or details to your projects.
  • Cricut BrightPad Ink pens: Custom-crafted for the Cricut BrightPad, these fine-tip pens provide highly precise writing and drawing with their slim tips. Moreover, they come in an array of colors to choose from.
  • Cricut Gel Pens: These pens have a medium tip and a glossy, gel-like ink that dries quickly, making them perfect for writing on glossy or coated paper.
  • Cricut Glitter pens: These pens are perfect for infusing your projects with a burst of glittery brilliance, as they feature a fine-tipped nib and captivating sparkly ink. They are available in several colors.
  • Cricut Foil Transfer Pens: These pens allow you to add foil accents to your projects. They have a fine tip and come with a foil transfer sheet that you can use to apply the foil to your project.

When selecting a pen, consider the type of job you are doing and the result you want to achieve. Trying different colors, tip sizes, and types of pens is an excellent way to discover which one will work best for your task.

It is also important to remember that Cricut pens are not only limited for use with Cricut machines but can also work effectively with other cutting machines such as Silhouette, Brother, etc.

Setting Up Your Cricut Machine for Pen Use

setting up your machine for pens

Working with Cricut pens for your Cricut machine is a straightforward process, but there are few important tips to remember prior to beginning. To help make the task simpler, we've included an uncomplicated guide below:

  • Install the pen adapter: To commence, you must install the pen adapter into your Cricut machine. This is a tiny plastic component that attaches to the side of the device and secures the pen in place.
  • Load the pen: Once the adapter is in place, you can load the pen into the machine. Make sure the pen is securely inserted into the adapter, with the tip facing downwards.
  • Set the pen pressure: Before you start cutting, make sure to adjust your pen pressure. This controls the force of the machine's applied pressure and will determine how thick or thin the line is. You can easily access this setting in either your Cricut device menu or software settings.
  • Choose the correct tool: Depending on the pen you are using, you need to select the corresponding tool in the Cricut design software.
  • Start your project: As soon as you have the pen loaded, pressure adjusted, and tool selected, your project is ready to begin. You can utilize pens for writing or drawing directly on your material or create a guideline when cutting. Don't forget to frequently inspect the ink level of the pen if this is a long-term task; it would be disheartening to run out of ink while in the middle of it.

A few additional tips to keep in mind when using Cricut pens:

  • Before you begin your project, always conduct a test on an extra sheet of paper or fabric to guarantee that the pen is functioning as expected.
  • As you finish using the pen, make sure to take it out of its adapter and store it in a secure location. Doing so will help prevent any potential damage or misuse.
  • You might consider using a pen holder or a similar tool to hold your pen steady while working on a project.

Using Cricut Pens in Design Space

using pens in design spacer

Design Space is the software that powers the Cricut machine, it offers a variety of options when working with Cricut pens.

When creating a new project or editing an existing one, you can choose the pen type you want to use from the toolbar. The software will show the options available for the pen types that are loaded in your machine.

After selecting your preferred pen, you can include text or lines to your design using the writing and drawing tools, or create custom pieces with the shape tools. The software then takes this information and processes it into a format that is easily readable by Cricut machines.

One of the great features of Design Space is the ability to layer different elements, you can layer the pen writing or drawings on top of cuts, or vice versa, this allows you to create multi-colored or multi-layered designs.

When your design is complete, you can opt to cut and write or just cut or write depending on the nature of the project. If changes are needed after adding pen elements, simply select the pen layer and use the editing tools for easy edits.

Design Space software encourages creativity by allowing users to personalize their projects with Cricut pens. Furthermore, you can conveniently import designs from a wide array of sources, such as Illustrator, Canva, and even your own handwritten drawings, for use with Cricut pens.

Common FAQS

In this section, you will find answer some of the most common questions about using Cricut Pens and Markers.

How do I install the pen adapter in my Cricut machine?

The pen adapter is a small plastic attachment that firmly holds the pen until installation. Installation instructions may differ depending on your Cricut machine model; therefore, check out either the user manual or the manufacturer's website for more details.

Can I use Cricut pens with other cutting machines?

Cricut pens are capable of being used with cutting machines like Silhouette and Brother, however, it is advised to double-check their compatibility with the product’s manufacturer first.

Can I change the color of the pen during a project?

Yes, you can change the color of the pen during a project by simply changing the pen with a different color in the adapter, you can also layer the designs for multicolor projects.

Can I use Cricut pens on fabric?

Yes. Cricut pens can be used on fabric - but for the best results and to prevent stretching or wrinkling of the material during drawing or writing, always use a quality fabric stabilizer.

How can I store my pens properly?

To guarantee that your pens are long-lasting, it is essential to store them appropriately. Keep your pens in a dry and cool location, away from direct exposure to the sun and heat. When you're not using them, make sure to keep the caps on tightly and remember to unload the pen after every utilization.

What is the best tip size for my project?

Selecting the correct tip size for your project will depend on what look you're trying to achieve. Generally, a medium-sized tip works best for most projects but if you need smaller lettering or detailed lines then opt for a fine-tipped marker instead.


Cricut pens are an excellent way to customize your projects and give them a unique flair. With various colors, tip sizes, and settings available, the creative possibilities with this feature are endless. 

So don't be afraid to have fun and explore different options while using Cricut pens; you never know what beautiful creations may come out of it!