How To Cut Felt With Cricut

With the Cricut machine and a few simple steps, you can transform felt into beautiful custom designs. In this article, we'll take you through the entire process – from selecting quality felt to putting your project together like a pro. 

Not only will you learn how to cut it with precision using the Cricut tool, but also discover how easy it is to make unique crafts that are sure to impress.

Choosing the Right Felt for Your Project

choosing the correct felt

When it comes to selecting felt for your Cricut project, there are a few important factors to consider. The type of felt you choose will depend on the final project, so it's important to choose the right one.

  • Type of felt: There are two main types of felt: wool and synthetic. Wool felt is made from natural fibers and is known for its durability and softness. Synthetic felt, on the other hand, is made from acrylic or polyester fibers and is more affordable but less durable.
  • Thickness: The thickness of felt is determined by millimeters, ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm. The thinner the material, the more delicate it is; ideal for complex projects that require precision and detail. On the other hand, thicker felt offers greater durability and strength - perfect when you need a project which will be handled often.
  • Color: Whether you're looking for a light hue or you want something dark and bold, Felt has an array of colors to choose from that will perfectly fit your project. It's important to remember though, that lighter shades may be harder to cut whereas darker shades might make it more challenging to spot the small details.
  • Quality: Check the felt for any defects, such as holes, tears, or stains. It is important to choose felt of good quality to ensure that your final project is flawless.

Preparing Your Felt for Cutting

cutting felt

To ensure a neat and accurate cut when cutting felt with your Cricut machine, it is essential to properly ready the material. Begin by securing the felt onto the cutting mat using masking tape so that it won't move while you're slicing. Make certain that all of the wrinkles have been eliminated and that the fabric remains smooth throughout this process.

Next, select the right cutting blade for felt. The standard cutting blade works well for most types of felt, but if you're working with a thicker felt, you may need to use the deep cut blade. Adjust the cutting settings to optimize the results. Lower blade depth and pressure is recommended to prevent fraying and tearing.

Finally, it is highly recommended to make a test cut on scraps of felt. This will allow you to verify that the settings are precise and produce clean cuts for your masterpiece.

By following these easy steps, you can ensure an accurate outcome with every craft. With this technique in mind, crafting becomes more enjoyable than ever before.

Designing Your Project in Cricut Design Space

designing felt in cricut space

Cricut Design Space is the software that allows you to create and edit your designs for cutting with the Cricut machine. It's a user-friendly program that makes it easy to bring your ideas to life.

Here are some tips for designing your felt project in Cricut Design Space:

  • Uploading and editing images: With Cricut Design Space, you can upload any image or design and adjust it until it is exactly what you need for your project. You can freely resize, rotate, and even change the color of your creation to make sure that it fits perfectly with your vision.
  • Creating intricate designs: When looking to craft something intricate and customizable, such as art with multiple parts or vibrant felt layers, Cricut Design Space is the perfect tool. Its extensive selection of features ranges from welding to layering capabilities.
  • Previewing your design: Before cutting, preview your design in Cricut Design Space to check that it appears as desired. This gives you the chance to make changes before creating a finished product that is perfect for all your needs.
  • Saving your design: When you have finalized your design and are content with the results, be sure to save it on Cricut Design Space. Then, when needed, you can easily access the design again to make any modifications or use it for other projects. 

Cutting and Assembling Your Project

After designing your project in Cricut Design Space, it's time to cut and assemble it. Here are some tips to help guide you through the process:

  1. 1
    Cutting the felt: Follow the instructions in the Cricut Design Space software to load the felt onto the cutting mat and cut your design. Be sure to use the proper settings for felt, as discussed in the "Preparing Your Felt for Cutting" section.
  2. 2
    Removing the cut pieces: Gently extricate the cut pieces from your mat and store them aside. If any of the cuts are not fully accomplished, use scissors or a craft knife for precise edging.
  3. 3
    Assembling the project: Once your pieces are cut with precision and cleaned up, it's time to assemble the project. Fabric glue or sewing can be utilized separately or in tandem for assembly.
  4. 4
    Adding embellishments: Once you have your project completed, customize it with accents like buttons, beads, or ribbon for a personal touch that makes all the difference and transforms your work into something truly special.
  5. 5
    Finishing touches: After all the decorations are in place, spruce up your masterpiece with any embellishments you desire like trimming and adding a brooch pin or earring hooks.

Common FAQS

In this section, you will find answer some of the most common questions when cutting felt with a Cricut Machine

What type of felt should I use for my Cricut project?

When it comes to Cricut projects, you have a choice between wool or synthetic felt. Wool is known for its strength and softness due to the natural fibers in its composition; however, synthetic felt may be more cost-effective but less long-lasting as it's made up of acrylic or polyester fibers.

Can I cut multiple layers of felt at once with the Cricut?

Yes, the Cricut can easily cut through several layers of felt simultaneously, provided that the felt is properly mounted to the cutting mat and you’ve adjusted the blade depth and pressure accordingly.

Can I use the Cricut machine to cut felt with intricate designs?

Yes, the Cricut machine can cut intricate designs in felt with the use of the appropriate blades and the Cricut Design Space software.

Can I use the Cricut to cut other materials besides felt?

Yes, the Cricut machine can cut a wide range of materials such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and more.


In this article, we have outlined the ins and outs of crafting felt with a Cricut machine. From selecting an ideal fabric for your undertaking to prepping it for cutting, designing in Design Space, and putting together your piece at last - you now know all there is to know about using a Cricut device on felt. 

Our hope is that these tips will aid you in making splendidly unique projects out of felt with ease. So go ahead; explore different ideas involving felts and enjoy yourself while doing so.