Cricut Easypress 3 Review

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The Cricut Easypress 3 is a compact heat press that enables DIY projects with adjustable temperature and time settings. It is available in four sizes and compatible with various materials.

Perfect for crafters of all levels, the Cricut EasyPress 3 is an essential tool. Featuring a user-friendly control panel and safety features, this heat press makes applying transfers a breeze. Effortlessly create amazing projects with ease - no matter your experience level.

Not to mention, its convenient size and light weight make it ideal for diverse projects like t-shirts, bags, pouches, pillowcases--you name it.

In this review, we will explore why the EasyPress 3 provides an intuitive and efficient way to achieve all your DIY crafting dreams. Not only is it user-friendly, but you'll be able to create beautiful projects in no time.

Features of The Easypress 3

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The Cricut EasyPress 3 is an easy-to-use heat press machine designed to help you apply vinyl, ink, and paper to a variety of surfaces.

It features two temperature settings - low and high - with the high setting capable of reaching temperatures up to 400 ℉ (205 °C). The ceramic-coated heat plate ensures even heat distribution for consistent results, while the included insulated base protects both you and your work surface from potential damage.

But that's not all. The EasyPress 3 also has several other features that make it stand out from its predecessor, Cricut's EasyPress 2.

For starters, the cutting-edge Bluetooth technology gives you a host of options for exact timing and temperature settings, allowing unbridled control over both the number of presses and positioning. With this level of precision, you can customize your projects down to the most minute details!

In addition, this machine can handle iron-on heat transfer vinyl (HTV)infusible inks, and sublimation paper – so it's great for all types of transfers.

Finally, safety is guaranteed thanks to the auto-off feature – if left alone for ten minutes or more, the unit will power down automatically.

This makes it perfect for use in busy homes or creative spaces where children might be present. With this level of convenience and versatility combined with peace of mind and protection against unexpected accidents or mishaps, the Cricut EasyPress 3 is sure to be a hit with crafters everywhere.

Key Difference Between Cricut's Easypress 2 and 3

Whether you invest in the EasyPress 2 or the EasyPress 3, you will be given access to a range of powerful heat press capabilities. That being said, there is one key distinction between these two devices: Bluetooth connectivity!

With the EasyPress 3, you can effortlessly adjust from your mobile device using Cricut's Heat App for iOS and Android. The user-friendly app makes it easy to pick out ideal settings for any project and then transfer them directly to the EasyPress 3.

Now, you can forget about manually entering the temperature, time, and pressure settings to get a perfect transfer.

Benefits Of the Cricut Heat App

cricut heat app

Before sending your project to the press, you first need to adjust the settings so they're just right. To do so, open up the Cricut Heat app, select your project type and then scroll down to see a comprehensive listing of what needs to be adjusted to get it properly printed. Here, you'll be able to customize things such as the temperature, timer, and pressure.

Don't stress if the default settings won't be suitable for your project - you can always modify them before transmitting it to the EasyPress 3.

This process doesn't take very long; the Cricut Heat app will guide you through each step of the way so that everything is perfect before sending it over.

Moreover, if you have multiple projects of the same type and don't require more instructions on how to configure each one, then you can just fine-tune the timer and manually press its Go button - no need for extra steps!

Plus, the EasyPress 3 is designed with convenience in mind; once it's been used for one project correctly, all future projects will keep the same temperature as previous ones. That way there's no need to waste time re-adjusting settings every single time; instead, focus on getting that flawless print job done quickly and efficiently!

Maintenance and care for the Cricut Easypress 3

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With diligent upkeep and care, you can prolong the life of your Cricut Easypress 3 so it works wonderfully for all of your crafting projects. To ensure this is done correctly, here are a few pointers on how to maintain and look after it:

  • Cleaning: Be sure to clean it after every use. Wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth and take caution not to let any fluids enter the machine. If there are any persistent stains, try using a mild cleaner or rubbing alcohol as a gentle scrubbing agent.
  • Storing: Make sure to store it in a cool and dry place when not being used. Avoid storing the machine where damp or humid conditions exist as this may lead to rusting – or worse! Adding an additional layer of protection with a dust-free protective cover is also recommended.
  • Troubleshooting common issues: If you're having issues with your Cricut Easypress 3, there are a few steps you can take to try to troubleshoot the problem. You can start by consulting the manual for any possible solutions or troubleshooting guidance. In case that doesn't do it, reach out to Cricut's customer service team - they are ready and willing to help you solve this issue quickly.
  • Warranty information: The Cricut Easypress 3 comes with a manufacturer's warranty which safeguards against any defects in materials and craftsmanship. If something appears to be off-kilter with your machine or there is an issue, take a look at the warranty terms and reach out to Cricut's customer service team for some added guidance.

Overall, with proper maintenance and care, you can keep your Cricut Easypress 3 in good working order for all of your DIY projects.

Which Easypress Size Should I Buy?

For a slightly higher cost, the 12x10 EasyPress 3 model is well worth it! You will be able to finish your t-shirt project in one pass with this size, making it an incredibly efficient and cost-effective solution.

Despite this, if you plan to lug the EasyPress 3 along with you, it might be worth investing in a 9×9 size.

Furthermore, you won't need to look up settings or instructions every time if you opt for the 12x10. This alone makes the purchase worth it.


Here are some common questions about the Easypress 3 and their answers:

Can the Easypress 3 be used with all types of materials?

Whether you want to cut through cardstock, vinyl, or iron-on materials, the Cricut machine is always up for the task. It's compatible with a vast array of fabrics and finishes but may not be suitable for every material type – consult your manual or speak to their customer support team if you need more information. With Cricut at hand, there are no limits!

Is the Cricut Easypress 3 easy to use?

Yes. It is designed for effortless use, even by those who are unfamiliar to the craft, the Easypress 3 offers adjustable temperature and time settings coupled with a clear digital display. To top it off, simple instructions help you get started in no time!

What safety features does the Cricut Easypress 3 have?

Using the Easypress confidently is easy with its numerous safety features. An automatic shut-off triggers after a given amount of time, safeguarding against overheating and other potential mishaps.

Additionally, a heat-resistant base helps protect your work surface from damage due to high temperatures.

Is It covered by a warranty?

Yes. Cricut offers a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty on its products which covers defects in materials and workmanship. To know what is included, please review the terms of this warranty carefully.

How do I clean and maintain the machine?

To keep your Cricut Easypress 3 in pristine condition, always use a soft and dry cloth to wipe down the surface after each session. If any spots are particularly obstinate, try using mild cleaners or rubbing alcohol as a gentle yet effective scrubber. When not being used, store it inside a cool and dry area with its protective cover on to ensure it stays clean and dust-free while idle!


  • Compact size
  • Adjustable temperature and time settings
  • Wide range of size options
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with a variety of materials
  • Several safety features


  • May be too small for some projects
  • May not be suitable for all materials
  • Limited warranty


In conclusion, Cricut's Easypress 3 is a game changer - it's incredibly powerful and user-friendly, allowing you to bring your most imaginative ideas into reality.

The Easypress 3 allows you to tailor your projects with custom temperature and time settings, numerous size options, and compatibility with a multitude of materials - from t-shirts and personalized totes to home décor items. 

Effortlessly easy to use, even for the most inexperienced user, and equipped with multiple safety mechanisms so you can feel secure using it.

While it may have some limitations, such as its size and limited warranty, overall the Easypress 3 is a reliable and effective tool that can help you take your crafting to the next level.