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CanvasPop is a company that allows you to transform your favorite photos into beautiful canvas prints. They use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques to create long-lasting, gallery-worthy prints that are perfect for decorating your home or office.

Canvas printing has become very popular over the last few years. This is because it is one of the best ways to bring pictures to life and preserve precious memories. It’s no wonder there are so many print services available online to choose from.

However, some print services offer better canvas prints than others. Talking about quality prints, you might have heard about CanvasPop, a company that we simply stumbled upon.

You probably have heard about them already and are wondering whether they’re working with (or not).
What really makes this service different from others? In this CanvasPop review, we take an in-depth look at how it fares up against other brands. Stick around.

What is Canvas Pop?

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Simply put, it’s an online print service that focuses on printing images on canvas. This Las Vegas and Ottawa-based company was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing quality canvas prints. The company has been expanding pretty fast since its launch and have their shipping office in Europe.

But besides canvas prints, they also offer photo collage as well as framed print services. However, what really stands out about them is that they are very passionate about quality. In fact, they claim to use only the highest quality materials.

What’s more? They have talented photo experts that you can entrust your precious memories and photo. And when it comes to cost and printing speed, very few companies can compete with them. Not to mention, the ease of ordering through their intuitive and responsive website.

Products & Services

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Canvas Pop offers numerous services with canvas prints being their highlight product. The good thing with them providing a wide range of services is that they end up being a one-stop-shop. So, let’s check out what each service entails.

1. Quality Canvas Prints

According to the company and other satisfied customers, CanvasPop creates only quality canvas prints. They do this by using premium quality materials including poly-cotton blend matte canvas. This canvas material is OBA-free, archival-certified, acid-free, without agents or additives, and with a neutral pH coating. As such, it is guaranteed to last for over 100 years but of course with proper care.

On top of that, they use the best Canon professional equipment to print the photos for clear and crisp images. More importantly, the canvas prints are laminated by hand using only the best quality laminates in the industry.

As if that’s not enough, each canvas print is usually coated with a scratch-resistant and UV protective laminate. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about fading or even damage. Last but not least, the prints are handcrafted and meticulously inspected to ensure they are perfect

2. Framed Prints

If you decide to work with them, you’ve got the freedom to choose whether you want a framed paper print or a canvas paper one. With framed paper print, you will have your photos printed on a high-quality 255gsm luster fine art paper. This ensures you get a crisp and detailed print.

On top of that, the company uses handcrafted wooden frames. The frames also have a vinyl coating finish in espresso, black or white. Best of all, they come with a nail so you can hang on your wall immediately.

And to keep your pictures protected, the framed print comes with low glare and crystal clear plexiglass insert. But you know what the best part is? The company has a wide range of standard and custom frame sizes available to choose from.

3. Photo Collage Prints

This is yet another great service that the acclaimed printer provides. It allows you to bring all your favorite memories to life as a photo collage.

Basically, you can add up to 36 pictures in just one canvas. But here is the best part, the company allows you to choose framing options for that extra touch.

And for a customized look, you can be the one to decide the amount of spacing you would like between the images. More so, you get to pick your photo collage template.

4. Pet Portraits

This is a new service that Canvas Pop started offering not so long. On their website, they state that they have the technology to create any custom pet art. And for a personalized touch, you can pick from a wide range of colors that perfectly match your pets’ style.

What’s more, you can have your pet’s custom signature added. Additionally, their pet portraits are available in three different sizes to choose from. They offer a small print at 12” by 12”, medium print at 16” by 16”, and large print at 20” by 20”.

Other Services & Options

Besides offering photo canvas printing, CanvasPop has a wide array of additional services and options to make your prints really pop. Some of these services are free while others come at an additional cost. They include:

  • Tons of amazing filter and effects that will surely transform any picture
  • Design services including makeover, enhancement, and touch up
  • A wide range of different layout and size options
  • Options for really large-sized photo installations including panoramic photo prints
  • Printing mobile photos even those with low resolution and from any device
  • Free PicturePerfect service to ensure your photos look good on canvas
  • Real-time and instant preview

How To Place An Order

The process of ordering a canvas print through CanvasPop is very straightforward. It involves only six simple steps which include:

Step One

You start by registering or keying in your email address if you don’t want to have an account for re-ordering later.

Step Two

Upload the photos that you would like to have printed or framed from your PC. Alternatively, you can upload directly from either Facebook or Instagram. And best of all, you can choose images of any size or resolution.

Step Three

Next up, choose the canvas size, framing, and edge options. For canvas size, you can pick from a range of options including 8”x10”, 12”x16”, 18”x24”, and 30”x40”.

And if you want a more stylish finish, you can select a different canvas wrap edge. What’s more, to make your images pop, you can add great photo filters and effects.

Step Four

After selecting the edge and frame option, the next step is to request a digital proof. This is an important feature if you want to really double-check everything before the final canvas is printed.

CanvasPop usually sends the digital proof in less than 24 hours via email. You can then download it and approve it or request changes.

Step Five

Make a payment and also enter both your shipping and billing address. The company accepts both credit cards and PayPal payments.

Step Six

Once your canvas print is ready, the company will carefully pack it and deliver it to you within 10 to 14 business days.

Pricing Options

Prices vary depending on the size of the canvas print you want. For instance, it will cost you $54 for an 8”x10” print size and custom size canvas print. Additionally, print size of 12”x16” goes for $76 and $108 for an 18”x24” size. But if you want a bigger canvas print probably 30”x40” size, you will have to part away with $191.

Besides that, there are additional costs for edges and frames option. For example, a 1.25” deep canvas wrap will cost you an extra $7 but if you choose the 0.75” wrap, it’s free. When it comes to the frames, you can expect to pay an additional $25. It does not matter whether you choose black wood, white wood or espresso wood frame.

What’s more? If you would like to apply a filter or effect to your image, it will cost you a couple of bucks. The prices start from as low as $9.95 going up to $25. And for touch up and enhancement services, the prices are $9.95 and $29.95 only respectively.

The company offers standard and Rush shipping. With standard shipping, you can expect to receive your canvas print within 10 to 14 business days. Rush shipping, on the other hand, is best if you need your order fast. It takes at least six business days to get your prints.

And to help you track your order once it has been shipped, the company’s customer support usually sends you a tracking number via email. Unfortunately, they’re yet to start providing free shipping services. We all love freebies, don’t we?


  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The canvas prints are handmade and framed by real people
  • The ordering process is simple and easy as 1-2-3
  • Great customer service via email and phone
  • Prints images from virtually any source including Facebook, Instagram, and mobile phone
  • Provides digital proofs at no additional cost
  • Free edge color options including photo wrap, black, and white border
  • Comes ready to mount
  • Competitive prices and great discounts using coupon codes


  • The packaging box seems generic and a bit cheap
  • The tidiness of the canvas stretching at the back is underwhelming
  • Takes 1-3 business days for your order to be reviewed by a real person
  • Your credit card is charged in advance before beginning work


Overall, CanvasPop offers great photo print services at reasonable prices. But what really sets them apart from other companies is the fact that they provide free digital proofs. To top it all up, their services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

Therefore, in terms of value for money, we think that this company is the way to go. Sure, they might need to improve on the face value of their packaging but we think they generally are nice people to work with.