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CanvasChamp is a popular online retailer that specializes in high-quality custom canvas prints. From photos to artwork, CanvasChamp can transform any image into a beautiful, long-lasting canvas print that is sure to be a hit with customers of all ages.

We all love taking photos, right? And for sure, among the tons of pictures we take, there are a few precious ones that evoke happy times with family or even friends.

But how best can you preserve these beautiful memories of you and your loved ones? Well, there is no better way than to have your photos printed on a canvas.

You see, photos printed on canvas are timeless and classic. Besides, any type of photo that you fancy will always look good on canvas. Because of this, there are so many canvas printing services on the market.

However, while researching some of the best canvas printing companies, the name CanvasChamp kept on popping up. This company makes bold claims that it offers the highest quality canvas prints for the lowest price.

Sounds too good to be true? Even we were skeptical about it. That’s why we decided to dig out everything you might need to know about this print service. So, check out our comprehensive and unbiased CanvasChamp review.

What is Canvas Champ?

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Founded in 2012, this is an online printing company that claims to deliver customized photo products printed on canvas. They have their headquarters located in Atlanta, USA. However, over the years, the company has really grown which has seen them having new production facilities in the UK and India.

Besides printing photos on canvas, they also do it on other surfaces like metal, wood, and acrylic. On top of that, the company handcrafts other home decor products that are pocket friendly.

And like its competitors, this service offers a wide array of canvas products including photo collage, wall display, split canvas, and photo mosaic. Also included are photo pillows, photo mugs, framed prints, wood prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints.

So, what really sets them apart from the competition, you ask? Well, they claim to use only the very best and high-quality materials. What’s more? Their canvas prints are very affordable and come with a 100% Love-it guarantee. Therefore, if you’re not happy with your print, you can send it back and get a full refund with no hassle.

Products & Services

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The Atlanta-based company offers a wide selection of printing options, ranging from collage gifts to photo mosaic and custom canvas prints. These are available in a variety of sizes to fit every budget. So, here is an in-depth look at what each product and service has to offer.

1. Custom Canvas Prints

The company prides itself on offering the highest quality custom canvas prints. Their prints are printed on poly-cotton canvas material which is not only archival certified but also properly coated.

As if that’s not enough, the canvas prints are printed using UV-protected latex inks. This guarantees that they can last for up to 99+ years.

More so, every print is handcrafted and boasts 100% pinewood frames. What’s more? The prints come with reinforced backing to ensure they never sag.

2. Collage Gifts

Photo collages allow you to showcase more of your best pictures or even tell a story. Also, they are an economical way to display some of the best memories in the least amount of space.

As such, this canvas print company offers a wide array of custom photo collage gifts. You can choose from photo mugs to blankets and coasters. Best of all, they have a tool that allows you to include three to nine photos

3. Panoramic Photo Prints

Panoramas are creative prints that are typically displayed over your mantle, fireplace, or the sofa in the living room. At CanvasChamp, they provide top-quality panoramic canvas prints of all sizes. You can also choose from different framing options that suit your style.

4. Photo Mosaic

Another great product that this service offers is mosaic canvas prints which are museum quality. You can select from a variety of options for framing depending on your needs.

Also, there is a range of color effects available to choose from if you would like to add an extra bit of creativity. On top of that, the company provides different mosaic templates. Additionally, their mosaic prints come ready to hang.

5. Pop Art Prints

This is yet another great service that this online print company provides. Each pop art print boasts vibrant colors which create a unique and modern work of art.

On top of that, they offer personalized prints that take influence from Glo-Portrait, Warhol, caricature, or Lichtenstein elements. This enables them to come up with a striking centerpiece for nearly any setting.

6. Gallery Wrapped

Gallery wrapped prints are prints that have simply been stretched over the sides of the canvas portrait. This means that pictures on every canvas are printed on the front and extend to the side as well.

This service prides itself on crafting museum quality and affordable gallery wrapped prints over a sturdy frame. You can choose either an intimate or bold canvas size.

7. Large Prints

Large canvas prints can add an exciting spark to your office or home wall. This print service specializes in crafting extra-large canvases. Therefore, if you’ve got a photo that appears pretty larger than life, they can provide you with custom canvas prints.

Apparently, they have the latest printing technology and uses only premium quality materials. This ensures that you can proudly display your canvases on your wall.

Other Products & Services

Comprising a team of experienced artisans, CanvasChamp offers a wide array of services besides canvas printing services. These include:

  • Customized photo pillows that are available in 10 popular sizes
  • Wood prints that you can choose from different shapes and sizes
  • Acrylic prints which feature high-resolution color printing
  • Custom framing for all digital photos
  • Premium metal photo prints featuring vibrant, rich colors and glossy finish
  • Photo magnets that are sure to be displayed for many years
  • Personalized photo mugs including ceramic and magic mugs

How to Place An Order

Ordering your canvas prints from this company seems to be a pretty straightforward process. It comprises only a couple of steps including:

  • Step 1: Create an account and then choose the type of print you want plus its size.
  • Step 2: Next up, upload your photos or even artwork from your computer, Instagram, or Facebook. But if you only want a generic wall art, you can print from the company’s collection of inspirational stock photography.
  • Step 3: Select the frames and any other customizing options you would like to add to your canvas photos. Then click on the checkout options.
  • Step 4: You will receive a preview copy of your order to ensure that only what you like is printed.
  • Step 5: Your photos will be printed once you have approved and made your payments. Then, wait for the prints to be delivered to your doorstep.

Pricing Options

According to this print service, they offer high-quality and custom prints at an affordable price. However, pricing varies depending on various factors like size options, layout, style, and the product you opt for. Worth mentioning is that the prices include all materials and hanging hardware.

For example, a standard size canvas print measuring 5” X 7” costs around $3.57. But if you order the biggest size which is 30” X 40”, it will cost you $27.48. So, the larger the print, the more you can expect to pay to have it printed and also delivered to you.

On the other hand, if you prefer hanging canvas prints, the price of a standard size is $3.88 only. A larger size will cost you approximately $29.90.

Moving on, if you would rather have your canvas print feature a thin wrap, it will cost you $4.20 for a 5” X 7” size. For prints with thick wraps, the price of a standard size image is $5.46.

What’s more? The prices of photo collages and photo mosaics start from $6.30 for a standard print. Metal prints, on the other hand, costs around $17.72 for 8” X 8” size. As for acrylic prints, you will have to part away with $18.00 for a standard size. So, overall, it is evident that this company is relatively affordable.

And you know what the best part is? If you make bulk orders, you will get a discount on top of their great pricing. The discount ranges from 15% to 30% on the whole order.


  • All prints are backed by 99+ year warranty
  • Offers 100% love-it guarantee with hassle-free refunds
  • Photos are printed on a high-quality and archival-grade poly-cotton canvas
  • Provides free professional design and design proofs upon request
  • All the canvases are handmade and feature a solid backing to ensure they don’t sag
  • Guarantees lowest prices for quality canvas prints
  • Easy, fast, and straightforward ordering process
  • 24/7 customer support via phone for any questions or concerns


  • Shipping takes quite some time for people looking for a really fast service
  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired
  • Getting around the website can be a struggle


Having your photos printed on canvas is the perfect way to bring them to life or turn them into art. And you can trust all your precious memories to the experts at CanvasChamp. They seem to be passionate about showcasing your memories and at an affordable price.

However, this service isn’t without its drawbacks. For instance, the design and interface of their website is not very intuitive. Also, their packaging needs a little bit of improvement. Nevertheless, this printing service is really worth considering as it does offer quality canvas prints at a bargain.