Brother ScanNCut Review

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Brother ScanNCut is a versatile cutting machine that allows you to easily create custom designs and projects. It features a built-in scanner and a wide range of cutting tools, making it perfect for a variety of creative endeavors.

More and more recently, die cutting has become increasingly popular. After all, there are a million different things you can make using a die cutting machine – from simple cutouts to stickers, scrapbook cutouts and vinyl window clings. The possibilities seem endless, realistically speaking.

While a die cutting machine can be a large investment initially, many find that they can use their die cutting machines to turn a profit – and we all know that everyone could use a little bit of extra cash.

Plus, who doesn’t like creating new things? Die cuts have become increasingly popular among individuals in the bullet journaling crowd, and you can often find die cuts sold in Etsy shops.

So, if this is something you want to invest in, of course, it is important that you make sure you are investing in a high-quality machine that will be worth every penny you spend on it and produce some amazing and beautiful die cuts for you to use for all of your arts and crafts projects.

The Brother ScanNCut Line Overview

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The machine itself can scan and create crisp, clean cut lines for virtually anything – and the more advanced models of the machine are even able to read the thickness of the lines that are created and cut accordingly, giving you amazing die cuts that are exceptionally high-quality.

There are several specific features that make this particular machine stand out from other die cut machines in this field, such as:

  • Scanner: the 300 DPI scanner allows you to upload custom designs into the machine to be cut, as well as edit designs already pre-loaded on the machine
  • Full touch screen: This touchscreen allows you to view the different types of images already pre-saved to the Brother machine, as well as view and edit your own custom layouts to be cut
  • USB port: the port allows you to upload new designs directly to the machine, as well as save copies of current designs
  • Computer-less design: the machine has it’s own internal memory and is able to hold designs for you. Designs can be edited on the touchscreen and do not require a computer to use at all.
  • Fabric allowances: this particular machine is built in such a way that it allows for seams and other fabric needs, which for many fabric-based DIYers is a huge relief as it allows you to create die cuts for fabric.

These features allow the machine to stand out compared to similar die cut machines on the market right now, as many of them require a computer in order to successfully create unique and interesting designs that can be used on any medium.

Using the Brother ScanNCut

For the most part, using the Brother ScanNCut is relatively simple. The machine does not require a computer to operate – in fact, there is no way to hook the machine up to a computer, meaning that it can be used totally independently.

The machine comes with a manual that allows the user to easily understand how to use the machine, and there isn’t a huge learning curve in getting started. In fact, compared to similar machines, it is relatively simple to use.

The cutting mats for the machine come in two different sizes, a 12″ by 12″ cutting mat and a 12″ by 24″ cutting mat. The mats also come in two different types of material, allowing for some choice.

However, some reviews warn that the biggest issue with these mats is that they are not quite sticky enough – sometimes they move around a bit too much. However, if you simply tape the material you are working with to the mat, the problem is solved – it is really only a minor inconvenience, but one that should be noted.

Scanning new material into the machine is relatively simple and can be done from any of the scanner ports. Once the new design has been scanned into the machine, the machine creates cutting lines that can be used right away, making it easy to create or alter new designs whenever needed.

Additional Features

The Brother ScanNCut also comes with software that can be installed on a computer. While using this software isn’t necessary to use the machine itself, the software is interesting. It allows you to easily create and design new patterns for the ScanNCut as well as assist in tracing new cutting lines for the machine to follow.

While the software can be a bit tricky to use and difficult to work with at first, a few quick tutorials found online can show you how to use it with relative ease.

Pros and Cons of the Brother ScanNCut

There are several pros and cons to this particular die cut machine that should be considered when considering purchasing the machine.


  • Full touchscreen
  • 300 DPI scanner included
  • USB port
  • Can program allowances for seams in fabric
  • Relatively affordable price point
  • No computer required


  • Software that comes with the system can be difficult to use
  • Mats are not sticky enough and may slide around
  • The machine’s mats are limited to 2 millimeters thick
  • Only 2 types of mats available


Ultimately, the Brother ScanNCut is a great machine. It provides top of the line die cuts, as well as allows for new designs to be imported into the machine without the use of a computer. The additional features included with the machine, such as the full-size touch screen and ability to scan in new patterns.

One of the most beneficial features of the machine is the USB port – while the machine doesn’t require a printer, which many may find beneficial – the ability to store and save, as well as upload and create new patterns through the included USB port is incredibly helpful.

Truthfully, the only downside to the product itself is that the mats are not sticky enough, however, this is surpassable at the end of the day. The machine itself works wonderfully to create unique and interesting die cuts that can be transferred to most surfaces – and, for quilters, it is a fantastic machine, as it allows you to account for the seams and thickness included in stitching.

Overall, the machine is definitely a great one – and it has a variety of uses at a variety of price points, depending on the make and model you chose to purchase, making it a great fit for new users and old users who want something reliable.