Best Transfer Tape For Vinyl

If you're looking to add a personal touch to your house, car, or possessions, vinyl projects are the perfect way of doing so. Whether it's making wall decals, car stickers or labels - transfer tape is fundamental for achieving accurate and precise designs.

This clear or paper-based adhesive lets you move your vinyl designs from the backing paper to whatever surface you have in mind with ease and accuracy; it holds your design firmly so that all of its elements can be precisely aligned before being applied.

In this article, we will drill down into the various types of transfer tape available and provide guidance on selecting the best option for your vinyl projects. 

Additionally, we will supply you with information on some of our top picks for the best transfer tapes out there specifically designed for vinyl.

Types of Transfer Tape

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When it comes to transfer tape, there are several different types available on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. The most common types of transfer tape include:

1. Paper Transfer Tape

This paper transfer tape is renowned for its effective adhesion and flexible release liner. The paper backing grants easy handling and transparency, providing you with the perfect conditions to accurately line up your vinyl decal.

Its adhesive qualities are strong enough to keep it in place yet simple to remove from the backing sheet - an ideal combination. 

On top of that, this budget-friendly choice is a favorite among both amateur crafters and professional designers alike.

2. Clear Transfer Tape

Clear polyurethane transfer tape is the perfect choice for intricate vinyl projects. The transparency allows for precise alignment and its adhesive strength holds firmly onto textured surfaces, making it a top pick among professionals or those working on large decals.

Not only does this durable material provide fantastic tackiness, but it will also keep your project in place with strong longevity.

3. Grid Transfer Tape

This kind of transfer tape resembles clear transfer tape, however, it comes with a grid pattern on the exterior which aids in accurately placing down vinyl designs.

You can effortlessly measure and line up your decal thanks to the handy grid-lines, making it especially beneficial when dealing with large graphics or murals.

Perfect for those intricate projects requiring meticulous alignment - this type of tape is ideal.

Top Picks for the Best Transfer Tape for Vinyl in 2024

When crafting vinyl projects, transfer tape is essential to ensure that your artwork is positioned precisely. However, there are many types of transfer tapes out on the market with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

We will now discuss some of the top picks for the most reliable and effective transfer tape to use when creating vinyl designs.

1. Vinyl Ease

Vinyl Ease

Vinyl Ease offers an unparalleled selection of transfer tapes, featuring options made from clean, paper and grid materials. Not only that, but they are available in a wide range of sizes to meet the requirements of any project.

Their transfer tape is esteemed for its strong adhesive properties and seamless application- making it ideal for both amateur crafters as well seasoned professionals.

2. Expressions Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl transfer tape

Expressions Vinyl is a renowned brand that provides transfer tape perfect for both small and intricate designs. In addition, they offer multiple sizes of rolls to suit every project - no matter how big or small. 

The grid backing on the transfer tape makes it easy to use with precision and accuracy, so you can guarantee your design will be transferred perfectly each time.

3. Craftopia

Craftopia transfer tape

Craftopia's transfer tape is renowned for its exceptional adhesiveness, as well as the convenient grid backing that makes it simple to apply.

Whatever task you have in mind, their selection of sizes provides a fantastic option for crafters seeking an effective and straightforward solution.

Their transfer tape will certainly make your crafting experience much more enjoyable.

4. Cricut

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Cricut's transfer tape is a reliable and sought-after product in the crafting industry. Their clear adhesive is straightforward to use and available in an array of sizes, making it ideal for both amateur and experienced crafters alike.

It provides users with an efficient way to complete their projects without any fuss or headache.

5. Direct Vinyl Supply

Direct Vinyl Supply transfer tape e1673915516908

DVS is a trusted supplier of vinyl and transfer tape, renowned for its impressive range of options such as clear, paper, and grid tapes. These come in an array of sizes that cater to different crafting needs - ideal for those new or experienced with the craft. 

Not only does their adhesive offer superior strength but it's also effortless to apply -- making your project more enjoyable from start to finish.

6. Oratape

Oratape transfer tape

Oratape's professional grade transfer tape is the ideal choice for crafters requiring an effortless yet dependable solution to intricate designs. With its repositionable adhesive and extended selection of sizes, Oratape brings comfort and convenience to any project.

7. Frisco Craft

Frisco Craft transfer tape e1673915681108

Frisco Craft's transfer tape is the ideal choice for crafters who need a dependable and convenient-to-use option. Armed with powerful adhesive and an easy-to-follow grid backing, it's no wonder why this product has gained such popularity among hobbyists of all kinds.

Plus, they offer sizes that fit any project you can dream up.

Choosing the Right Transfer Tape

Choosing the appropriate transfer tape for your vinyl projects is vital. The adhesive strength, ease of use, and other considerations all vary depending on the type of transfer tape you select.

To guarantee that you buy the most suitable one for your project, here are some factors to mull over when selecting a transfer tape.

  • Type of Vinyl: When selecting your transfer tape, the type of vinyl you are utilizing will be a factor. For instance, if you opt for glossy vinyl material, then clear transfer tape is optimal; conversely, matte vinyl calls for paper option instead.
  • Size of Vinyl: The size of your vinyl will have an influence on the transfer tape you ought to utilize. For large pieces, a transparent adhesive with a grid backing is ideal for positioning it accurately onto the project surface. On the other hand, smaller pieces may work better with clear adhesives without a grid backing.
  • Surface Type: Depending on what surface you are applying the vinyl to, it can determine which type of transfer tape is more suitable. For a glossy surface, opt for a clear adhesive with strong stickiness; however, if your application includes an uneven or coarse texture then choose a transparent adhesive that has moderate adhesiveness instead.
  • Intricacy of Design: If you are working with a complex design that requires precise alignment, a clear transfer tape with a grid backing will make it easier to align the vinyl on your project surface.
  • Reusability: Some transfer tapes are repositionable and can be reused multiple times, which can be useful for projects that require multiple adjustments or corrections.
  • Quality: When selecting a transfer tape, it is essential to make sure that the quality and adhesive are both of great strength. Otherwise, you might end up with vinyl decals that don't stick well or peel off after just days of being applied.


Finding the best transfer tape for your vinyl projects is a major decision, which is why we have thoroughly evaluated several highly-rated brands.

After careful deliberation, we absolutely recommend Cricut, Vinyl Ease and Expressions Vinyl as top choices of transfer tapes due to their high quality, easy-to-use nature and dependability.

However, it's essential to recognize that the alternative brands detailed here are also exceptional options and can offer a various selections suitable for your project. In conclusion, the finest transfer tape will be determined by your needs and preferences.