Best Cricut Bundles

If you are serious about crafting with a Cricut, a Cricut bundle is the best option to get you started. Bundles are cheaper, offer a variety of products that you will end up needing anyway as you expand your skills, and the items in many of the bundles will allow you to create more DIY projects than you originally thought possible.

Many of the best Cricut bundles available will offer you the most common tools and supplies creators need, and extra supplies that you would stock up on anyway.

Because there are so many bundle options, many of them specific to a type of crafting or creating, it is best to know what you want to use the DIY machine for, and what type of materials you expect to use most often.

Once you have determined you most basic needs, take some time to look over all the options in order to determine the best bundle for the best price, and get making!

Top Rated Cricut Bundles & Deals in 2024

1. Explore Air 2 Beginner Bundle

Cricut Explore Air Rainbow Vinyl Bundle

This bundle has been curated for anyone just beginning to craft, and newly interested in creating items with a Cricut machine. This purchase comes with an extended beginners guide, basic project ideas to get you started, and a set of beginner tools and materials so that you can complete a DIY project of your own.

If you want to get started, you can’t go wrong with this bundle and the cost makes sense for the value.

2. Explore Air 2 Essential Bundle

Explore Air 2 Essential Bundle

As the name makes clear, this bundle deal provides you with an Explore Air 2 Cricut machine and the most basic essentials that most users find they need and are able to use regardless of what they are creating. This choice will set you up with a great foundation to begin creating and provides you with almost 40% savings.

The basic tools for use with the machine, and some common crafting items are included. However, if you already have basic supplies, like craft mats and cutting tools you will just be doubling up on product.

Additionally, much of what you will want to try to create initially will rely heavily on the brand software, which takes some getting used to.

3. Explore Air 2 Everything Bundle

Explore Air 2 Everything Bundle

This bundle is perfect for the crafter that wants it all and plenty of it. The everything bundle has major savings on the items that are included and gives you plenty of material options. Included are several different colors and types of vinyl material, so you can create multiple designs.

Iron on transfer rolls also come in a variety of colors and, the bundle includes some of the most popular tools and products from trusted brands in DIY.

Because this includes the materials you will need and the tools to use them, it might not be the best choice for someone that already owns the necessary tools.

4. Cricut Maker Essential Bundle

Cricut Maker Essential Bundle

The Cricut Maker is a step up from the Explore Air 2 machine if you are looking to create with a wide variety of materials. This machine allows you to use hundreds of types of materials, from leather to paper.

The additional tools and their capabilities make it easier and faster to work with certain types of materials, like fabric. Finally, with this bundle you get access to a huge selections of patterns and projects for free.

The advanced Cricut machine, and the tools and materials do come with a learning curve, and might not be entirely beginner friendly, but with time and practice you can start creating fast.

5. Cricut Maker Everything Bundle

Cricut Maker Everything Bundle

This bundle gives you everything in the essentials bundle, and then some. The main difference here is the amount and variety of materials and tools you get. For a steep discount, you are set up to begin creating as soon as you plug in your machine.

This is a great option for a professional crafter looking for expert cuts and quality craftsmanship in the items they are creating.

Also, items included in the bundle can be substituted. The only cons to this package is that some of the items included have additional tools that are sold separately.

6. Cricut Explore Air 2 Iron On Bundle

Cricut Explore Air Iron On Bundle

The iron on bundle is tailored to creators that will spend the bulk of their time creating iron on designs. This includes several iron on options from favored brands, including different colors and patterns for you to create with.

All the tools that you need to get started are provided, and the blades chosen are specifically meant to be used with vinyl.

If you are looking to create with more than iron on transfers, you might want to keep looking because the add ons are limited to this specific type of project.

7. Cricut Explore Air Vinyl Bundle

Cricut Explore Air Vinyl Bundle

If vinyl designs are your preferred DIY project, the vinyl bundle includes a selection of vinyl and transfers along with the machine purchase. With this bundle you are able to upload the designs and images you create for free, customize the settings to get the perfect cut, and choose from some of the most popular vinyl options that are chosen specifically for vinyl designers.

While you can use the machine to create other projects, you would have to purchase the materials and tools specific to what you want to create as vinyl is the only material included.

8. Cricut Explore Air Rainbow Vinyl Bundle

Cricut Explore Air Rainbow Vinyl Bundle

The rainbow bundle provides you with a rainbow of colors in vinyl materials. This set is ideal for the creator that knows what they will be making and that they will be making a lot of it.

Etsy creators, and anyone creating vinyl designs as part of their business model will benefit from the color options included, as well as a stock of black and white vinyl rolls.

A preferred choice in vinyl material brands is included in this set, along with all the tools needed to make and transfer your designs to any number of products.

9. Cricut Joy Essential Bundle

Cricut Joy Bundle e1595883961574

The smallest machine offered is the Cricut Joy, and it comes with a smart stash of items when you select this bundle. The size is the biggest selling point, making it easy to transport and perfect for small spaces.

This bundle is perfect for the occasional crafter, or anyone that is creating a specific item and does not need a larger machine or tons of supplies stocked.

The only downside to this option is that the smaller size means smaller design capability so be sure that what you are making will be able to be created on this machine before purchasing.

Basic Cricut Bundle Options

The majority of bundles offered will include one of the Cricut machines, there are several to choose from, but each is best for a different kind of crafting. You can expect the basic accessories in every kit no matter which machine you choose or the type of bundle you go with, this includes software, power adapters, and basic tools to use while creating. Where the bundles differ is in the type of materials and the amount.

Essential kits give you everything you need to get started using your machine for a specific type of creating. Everything kits will include several color and design options so that you are stocked from the start.

Personal Buying Guide

Buying a Cricut involves so much more than buying a single machine. There are accessories, materials, tools, a subscription, and designs and pattern purchases that you need to consider.

Choosing the right machine and bundle will depend on the type of crafting you plan on doing as much as the budget you have to work with. These are some of the personal buying decisions you need to make.

  • Type of machine: Each machine is capable of different DIY projects, with the most expensive and advanced options able to handle designs for hundreds of different types of materials. Know what you are making before you decide on the right machine for you.
  • Budget: Your budget will not only determine the machine you purchase, but the materials you buy to use with it. Bundling makes sense here because you can save in the long run when you choose a set that includes the basic materials you will be crafting with.
  • Machine Color: While cosmetic, the color of your machine is important to a lot of creators, and the brand has put a lot of time into color choices. As each year passes more color options become available, and you might be able to save more when you choose a specific color.
  • Knowing What You Need: Knowing what you need and what you already have plays a huge part in selecting a bundle. Some of the basic beginner bundles include tools that you might already own, or materials that you have purchased elsewhere. Take stock before shopping so that you get the best bang for your buck.

This is a look at the best Cricut bundles currently on the market, for beginner to professional crafters and makers.