Arteza Art Supply Review

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Arteza Art Supply is a company that provides high-quality art materials for artists of all skill levels. They offer a wide range of products, including paints, canvases, markers, and more, all at affordable prices.

Enjoy Making Your Art Stand Out? But don’t want to spend a bundle on the supplies? Then I encourage you to check out the brand Arteza.

I learned about them through one of my crafting blogs that I enjoy following and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I am huge into watercolors, so my favorite supplies are the water brush pens and watercolor tubes, real brush pens, and fine-line pens. I enjoy painting and drawing for the fun of it.

So, come along with me and see for yourself how smooth and easy the supplies of Arteza are!

Who Can Benefit?

Put simply, everybody! As I said, I love watercolor, so that is going to be my focus. However, it does not matter what kind of art you love to make. There are colored pencils which I also have, paper, crafting supplies-you name it, they have it.

The focus of my review is going to be the real brush pens, water brush pens, watercolor tubes, and of course, the colored pencils.

However, I hope you will see the quality of these supplies is applicable to ALL their great products, not just what I am reviewing today.

Arteza Real Brush Pens

arteza real brush pens

These come in a beautiful box of 96 different colors. The brush hairs are nylon, and you will feel as though you are painting with a brush while they are in use. I find it very easy to blend these with water and achieve the perfect watercolor look.

You can also use them for a dry brush effect if you like. They feel very light and easy to hold in my hand. I have had some troubles with my wrist in the past, so when things are easy to hold onto, I appreciate it.

The pens have a perfect balance to them, too. A pen that is too light in weight seems cheaply made, while a pen that is too heavy makes creating uncomfortable. I feel these reach a happy medium and make it easy to create and perfect just what I want.

The barrel is a black one with white stripes. You can easily read the print-even my grandma, whom I inherited my artistic capabilities from, found them clear and easy to read.

The barrel also shows you the color of the tip-all you have to do is look at the opposite end of the pen and you will see just what color you are working with.

The clear lid keeps the brush tips in excellent condition. It is an excellent design in that it is an alternate way to identify the colors.

You absolutely can place the lid on the end of the barrel while you work-no rolling-away caps is always good news for me.

The other great thing, especially for parents with budding artists, is that these are non-toxic. Sure, these are professional supplies, and, likely, young kids won’t be using them, but it’s nice to know that if a young Picasso tries to make art and tastes the colors, it is all non-toxic. They are the USA made, which to me, indicates good quality.

Now onto the nibs. These are just super when it comes to creating detailed artwork. I know that nibs and tips get frayed quickly, depending on the quality of the supplies. Even after repeated use, these have held strong and fast.

I really suggest picking up this 96-count set-you will love the variety, and your work will turn out amazing once you get the feel of these pens.

Arteza Colored Pencils

Arteza Colored Pencils

I wanted to mention these even though I am a watercolor buff. These are just super when it comes to blending. I find that no matter how I blend-solvent, hand, eraser-these just seems to flow with ease.

These pencils are also semi water-soluble. So, if you want to try out using a watercolor pencil but aren’t sure if you’re going to spend that kind of money, this is an excellent way to do it.

The wax leads are harder than the average, I noticed. Therefore, you should be careful when you bear down on them-they could very well chip or crack. It is much easier to sharpen them down, though.

Arteza Water Brush Pens

Arteza Water Brush Pens

For the price, you cannot beat these! You will get three flat, large brushes and three smaller, pointed brushes. You can fill them, and this makes it easy for me to take my art on the road.

They are pretty weighty, which made me nervous at first, but I got used to them quickly. The push-button will dispense your water, and the rigid barrel works well for me.

I noticed that unlike the caps on the Real Brush Pens, these tend to pop off. That’s my only complaint.

Watercolor Tubes

I ordered the 24-color set. It’s great for beginners, and everything is clearly labeled.

In hindsight, getting the 60-count set would have been better! The paints are great for mixing and blend very well with one another. The quality is excellent, and the 24-count set is a bit lacking-for instance, I noted that Payne’s gray was not included.

Therefore, I would opt for the 60-count set if you wish to buy these – you won’t be disappointed. Each tube holds 12 mL of paint.


  • This brand is super affordable!
  • Watercolor tube paints blended very easily.
  • Supplies are comfortable to hold for long periods.
  • All artists can use Arteza’s products
  • Pigments are stunning!
  • Supplies are professional grade.


  • Have to be careful when pressing hard with the colored pencils
  • Caps tend to pop off Water Brush Pens
  • Color selection is a bit lacking in the 24 watercolor tube set
  • All my real brush pens were fluid except one which I had to soak in water to get the color.


If you want to make your work beautiful but don’t want to pay out the nose, this is the way to go. You can make beautiful pieces using ANY of the things Arteza sells. Go check their site today!