AccuQuilt Go Review

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AccuQuilt Go is a portable fabric cutter that makes it easy to create precise shapes and patterns for quilting projects. It features a variety of dies and can cut through multiple layers of fabric at once, saving time and effort in the quilting process.

Ready. Set. Go! is the catchphrase of AccuQuilt Go, the “ultimate” fabric cutting system made by the company of the same name.

The fabric cutting machine boasts up to 90% faster cutting time than traditional rotaries or scissors. Moreover, you’ll be pleased to know that AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter sports an ultra-portable design for on-the-go quilting.

There’s plenty to like about the product, and on this AccuQuilt Go review, we’ll tackle this one by one so you’ll know what to expect when you’re thinking of buying the cutting machine.

The AccuQuilt Go Overview

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At first glance, the fabric cutter by AccuQuilt looks like an ultramodern typewriter with a rotary handle on the side and a carry handle on top. The product folds down and becomes a flat machine for cutting all kinds of fabric when you unpack it.

AccuQuilt’s claim to fame is that it saves quilters precious time in measuring and cutting up pieces for their latest project. You’d be hard-pressed to go back to traditional methods of cutting once you’ve tried the AccuQuilt Go. You’ll cut up cloths accurately and beautifully using the included value die and a steady hand.

AccuQuilt’s main website says that their cutting system can simultaneously cut up to 6 layers of fabric per batch, which is unbelievable but true. Moreover, you won’t get tired from all those manual work as the GO!’s design is ergonomically streamlined to reduce effort. The inclusion of some very helpful accessories makes quilting more enjoyable right from the get-go.

Then, there’s the portability factor which should make the AccuQuilt GO the literal “go-to” quilting cutter for the social hobbyist. You’ll be able to bring it anywhere with you, whether on quilting bees, competitions, fairs, guild meetings, retreats, classes, etc. Unpacking is simply a matter of releasing the latch and setting the machine down on a level surface. When you’re done, just fold the ends and secure the latch.

What’s Included?

  • The Go! Fabric Cutter – The fabric cutter can work on six different cloths simultaneously and provide a uniform, precise finish each and every time. The ergonomic operation makes quilting easy. Keep in mind that cutting time will depend on the material’s thickness and how complex the pattern is. Otherwise, expect a quick and enjoyable work that takes the tediousness out of quilt preparation.
  • A 5′ x 10″ Cutting Mat – The size of the mat goes well with the machine and is fairly durable for a number of uses.

Also included is a value die that can cut two 2.5″ half square triangles, a 2.5″ square and a 4.5″ square so you can get right to work as soon as you open the box. There’s a handy pick that can catch and remove loose threads and bits that are stuck on the die so it won’t get ruined.

How Does The AccuQuilt GO Work?

Beginner quilters and those who haven’t used a fabric cutter will want to watch the DVD the AccuQuilt Go comes with so they can get a primer on how the machine works. After a few minutes, you’ll be confident enough to try cutting quilt fabrics without referencing the manual.

The crank can do its job either way and on either hand, but it’s best to use your dominant one, especially if you’re trying to cut multiple layers of cloth. As expected, the dies work great and provide clean cuts whenever you need them.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to operate the fabric cutting system:

Step 1. First, choose and layer the die with the foam-side up to the fabric and the cutting mat. The AccuQuilt Go can cut up to two 6-inch dies simultaneously and without sacrificing accuracy.

Step 2. Push the die, mat, and fabric along the roller and support the motion using the hand crank. Make sure to go slowly at first to minimize cutting errors.

Step 3. Remove the mat and you’ll see the cut fabric for your quilting purposes. Repeat process as needed for your quilting project.

AccuQuilt has made several improvements over their cutting system. There’s a 1/4-inch seam allowance that’s included when you’re going for geometric shapes. Dog-eared corners make extra clipping unnecessary, while Two-Tone Foam technology makes it easier for Go! users to align the quilt fabric over the shapes. This gives you more quilt material per yardage and lessens waste at the same time.


  • Quality Construction – AccuQuilt is known for producing high-quality products as seen on their Go! me, Go Big and Studio 2 machines, and the Go! is no exception. The handle turns easily and goes both ways. It’s also powerful enough that it can churn out 6 quilt material in one go.
  • Great Company Support – The DVD is a helpful resource for quilt beginners. AccuQuilt has done an excellent job explaining how you can use the cutting system. There’s also a knowledge database on the site for tips and tricks shared by quilting enthusiasts and experts.
  • Plenty of Dies – Users can create wonderful works of art using the value die or when they get additional ones.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – The more you use the AccuQuilt Go, the better you get at cutting quilt fabric and the faster your project gets completed. You won’t have to spend a lot of time producing ideal pieces, even with a single-shape die.


  • Mat Replacement – One of the drawbacks in using a cutting system is that mats get worn out after a couple of quilting projects. Be prepared to invest in several mats at a time (depending on the size and scope of your quilt) and well after you start using the AccuQuilt Go regularly.
  • Incompatible Dies – AccuQuilt Go! and other AccuQuilt cutters only recognize and support dies of their own making, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Don’t be put off by the AccuQuilt Go’s price tag as it offers something very convenient to quilt-makers and craft lovers. Who doesn’t like the idea of saving time by skipping manual labor involved in cutting quilt fabrics? You can enjoy your hobby more and get precise cuts with just a few cranks. All in all, excellent value for money.